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Vulgar Tech

This ain’t y0 mama’s tech podcast. We talk about tech with a slant towards mature subjects, comprised of both a lifelong nerd plus a nearly-technophobic co-host – complex subjects are analyzed and explained.

Episode 13
posted : Mar 27th, 2017

Predictions, Flying Cars, Human Head Transplants, Trolls, Dating Apps and More!

We’re baaaaack! Hello 2017! This being our first podcast in the new year, we kick things off with our weird tech predictions (spoiler : Mitcz’s predictions are weird and nerdy, Alex’s are lofty). We  also discuss other company’s predictions like Uber’s master plan for flying cars, and Amazon’s master plan for automated grocery stores. We explore […]

Episode 12
posted : Sep 29th, 2016

Elon Musk is a robot. Also, tech updates that aren’t Apple-related!

Since we finally started doing new VT episodes again, we’re doing time-relevant tech updates and speculation again! And almost none of them are Apple-related! We discuss the restaurant industry, Alex’s fascinating theory on McDonalds, Netflix, Snapchat’s weird new hardware device that will usher in the acceptance of a loss of privacy, how shitty Yahoo is […]

Episode 11
posted : Sep 18th, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Event, Alex Makes the Switch, and More Tesla Stuff

The Apple iPhone 7 / Watch 2 event went down the day before this episode was recorded and we sat down to discuss it. Mitcz makes his attempt at an impassioned case for the removal of the headphone jack, while Alex gets pissy about the price on the AirBuds. We also talk a lot about Alex’s […]

Episode 10
posted : Jun 2nd, 2015

The Uber for Things, The Internet of Things, Teledildonics, VR Porn, and Silk Road

We’re back after a two week hiatus – sorry! But we’ve got a lot of little tech morsels — some of them vulgar — for you. From the “Uber for Gas” and “Uber for Tailoring” to Google’s proposed new OS for the Internet of Things, to IKEA’s official Hack system, to Nintendo’s curious VP of […]

Episode 9
posted : May 15th, 2015

Cars! Virtual Reality! Road-Head! Videogames!

Sorry we were late this week. It’s been crazy around here. We start off with a correction, and a couple of quick news items — like the fall of the House of Keurig (okay.. “fall” is a little strong. The weakening?), and some Amazon Echo enhancements. With Google finally testing its self-driving cars on public […]

Episode 8
posted : May 6th, 2015

Mitcz’s Predictions, Tesla’s Home Battery, Self-Driving Semi Trucks, Battle of the Smartphones

Mitcz is pleased that he successfully predicted (with some caveats) two stories that are tackled this week. We talk about Tesla’s new home battery, why it’s worthwhile, and whether it’s useful beyond its intended target. We also discuss self-driving semi trucks, and what the future holds, debate about what laws should be made, and the efficacy […]

Episode 7
posted : Apr 28th, 2015

Tesla, The Singularity, Patents, The DMCA, and What is Ownership?

We discuss Tesla’s secret-but-not-secret upcoming home battery project, which evolves into discussing their vehicles and vehicles in general. Alex gets an education about what The Singularity actually entails, and we discuss the morality of becoming “one”. After running through some recent tech news, we settle into a discussion about Google’s hope for defeating patent trolls, and […]

Episode 6
posted : Apr 22nd, 2015

Our Smarter Home, Android Updates, and a LOT of Star Wars

We start off with a discussion about our now-smarter home. A lot happened in a week, and we now have a Smart Speaker (Amazon Echo), a Smart Thermostat (Nest 2.0), and a Smart Lock (Kwikset Kevo). We talk about the plusses and minuses of each, the actual usefulness of each, and some upcoming features announced […]

Episode 5
posted : Apr 15th, 2015

Bonus : Amazon Echo Unboxing, First Impressions

Our Amazon Echo arrived earlier than anticipated. After an initial estimate of April 24th, Mitcz got an email on Tuesday that it was on its way and would arrive Thursday. It arrived the following day (today). So, as promised, we unboxed it here on this episode and ran “Alexa” through her paces. We even Periscope’d […]

Episode 4
posted : Apr 14th, 2015

Periscope Redux, Passwords, Mitcz’s Apple Policy, Boobs are Awesome, Apple Watch

Quite a few tangents in this episode as we successfully test and broadcast with Periscope, and Mitcz explains why it didn’t work last time. Since his issues with Periscope were related to two-factor authentication, Mitcz rants about his frustration with companies not fully supporting the two-factor authentication they themselves developed (and explains WTF two-factor authentication means). […]

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