Top 25 Episodes

The top 25 most downloaded episodes for the month of March 2017

Don't think of this as internal competition between our podcasts, but as a good primer for listeners wondering "what's all the hotness in which I'm missing out?".
If you never use the phrase "all the hotness", you probably should.

1Untitled Podcast Transition

I want to start a religion of pornography
1 hour 3 mins

Untitled Podcast Transition Ep1
posted : Oct 20th, 2015

In our inaugural episode, Stoya presents the idea of a “Church of Porn” after a brief discussion of coconut oil as lube while Mitcz tries ...

2Untitled Podcast Transition

She Grew Horns and Claws
51 mins

Untitled Podcast Transition Ep2
posted : Nov 5th, 2015

We kick things off this week with two cat-related news items, leading Stoya and Mitcz to discuss their struggles with their hyper cats that know ...

3Straight Riffin

2 hours 21 mins

Straight Riffin Ep57
posted : Apr 16th, 2012

STOYA – the Adult Entertainment and acrobatic extraordinaire – makes a stop through the Riffin Studios for some awesome riffin on her recent trip ...

4Vulgar Tech

Apple iPhone 7 Event, Alex Makes the Switch, and More Tesla Stuff
2 hours 43 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep11
posted : Sep 18th, 2016

The Apple iPhone 7 / Watch 2 event went down the day before this episode was recorded and we sat down to discuss it. Mitcz ...

5Straight Riffin

(Bonus Episode) Stoya Overtime
29 mins

Straight Riffin Ep114
posted : Apr 30th, 2012

In the absence of an all-new riffin, enjoy this bonus conversation with Stoya where we discuss her Fleshlight line, her controversial Steven Klein photoshoot ...

6Vulgar Tech

Unspoken Porn, Automated Cars, The Future
1 hour 38 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep1
posted : Mar 24th, 2015

Mitcz and Alex discuss a particularly embarrassing Safari bug as it relates to privacy browsing – aka “porn mode”, while Mitcz rants about some ...

7Straight Riffin

Jeremy Scippio
3 hours 1 min

Straight Riffin Ep52
posted : Mar 6th, 2012

It’s like Christmas in May! Except it’s Blackuary Blackriffin in March. Also, it’s funnier. And there’s no presents. Just presence. Ignore this cheesy description ...

8Vulgar Tech

Predictions, Flying Cars, Human Head Transplants, Trolls, Dating Apps and More!
1 hour 51 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep13
posted : Mar 27th, 2017

We’re baaaaack! Hello 2017! This being our first podcast in the new year, we kick things off with our weird tech predictions (spoiler : Mitcz’s ...

9Vulgar Tech

The Uber for Things, The Internet of Things, Teledildonics, VR Porn, and Silk Road
1 hour 19 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep10
posted : Jun 2nd, 2015

We’re back after a two week hiatus – sorry! But we’ve got a lot of little tech morsels — some of them vulgar — ...

10Straight Riffin

Guy Groves
1 hour 59 mins

Straight Riffin Ep36
posted : Nov 15th, 2011

Comedian Guy Groves bring the riffin and he brings it well. We discuss booty, porn, lingerie, marriage, kids, penn state, and a whole lot ...