About Riffopolis

The Riffopolis Network (or simply "Riffopolis") aims to be more than just another podcast network.

Here's what Riffopolis cares about :

Encouraging Discovery

There's a heavy focus on discovery here on Riffopolis. Sure, we've got podcasts. GREAT podcasts, damnit. That can be said about (almost) any podcast network. We want you to explore our podcasts, and get you excited about podcasts in general.

Want to find a show similar to one you already love? Visit the podcasts overview page, and click one of the tags beneath one of your favorite podcasts.

Found an episode you love, and want similar content? Visit any individual episode page and check the "(possibly) Related Episodes" section, which pulls related podcast episodes from shows across the network.

Want to know what's hot on Riffopolis? Check the sidebar3 for "What's Hot" and see the top 5 episodes this week. You can also check out the Top 25 This Month. This isn't about competition, and there's no "best", but "What's Hot" is a neat way to find good stuff.

Making podcasts easy and enjoyable

Whether you're a first-time podcast listener or a seasoned pro, Riffopolis wants to get good content into your ears and keep you entertained. You don't need to buy anything, fill out a form, or even give us your email address1.

Want to listen to an episode while you browse other sites? No problem, just click "Play in New Window" from any podcast page and you're all set.

Want to have just ONE subscription for every Riffopolis podcast you enjoy? Make your own channel in a matter of seconds and come back any time if you want to add or remove new ones. Absolutely no registration necessary - just click some podcasts and follow the instructions.

Kickin' Ass on Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop devices

This site works on every internet-capable device that's been made in the last 10 years2 so you can get your Riffopolis on whenever and wherever you are. You don't need to download a separate app, and you don't need to be on the latest and greatest iPhone or Android to enjoy some quality podcasting.

Bonus features for iOS users : our Facebook "Share" and Twitter "tweet" links work with native iOS Facebook and Twitter apps. We hate having to login through a mobile browser to use Facebook or Twitter when sharing links and we imagine you do, too. So, we've made it as easy as possible for you.

Android Users : don't worry! We've made it just as easy for you, but you've had it easier with the sharing thing for awhile now.

Encouraging commentary and interaction

Sure, we could just toss up a comment form and some "share on social networks" links and call it a day. But, sharing to your own friends does not a community make. Maybe you've got a LOT to say, and you want to have a dialog with other people about a given episode or a whole podcast itself. Great! We've got a fully-integrated forum waiting for you. Every episode of every podcast that's posted to Riffopolis gets its own forum thread, so you can comment directly on the page for each episode OR head straight to the forums and talk about it there.

Want to suggest topics for a podcast, or talk about subjects related to one? Just start your own thread and speak your mind. You don't have to be on-topic, or wait for approval, just let it out and let's get a discussion going.

But wait! There's more! Maybe you're the reporting and archival type. We LOVE those people - that's why we've got the Riffopolis Wiki, where you can explain memes, give a history for shows you follow, suggest particularly great episodes for new listeners, and so much more. It's basically (almost literally) Wikipedia for the Riffopolis Empire. If you know how to edit Wikipedia - you know how to edit The Riffopolis Wiki.

Great! We've got some awesome ways to do that, along with awesome podcasts, and awesome pricing. And we use the word "awesome" a lot. To get started, drop us a line at advertising@riffopolis.com and we'll be happy to discuss some options with you.

We're honored to hear that. But, of course, we don't just throw any old podcast onto Riffopolis. To get started, drop us a line at newpodcast@riffopolis.com and tell us the following :

  • If your podcast is already online, send us the link
  • If your podcast is part of another network, let us know if you've discussed moving to another network
  • If all you've got is an idea and a smile, that's fine - but we need to know the idea, so give us PLENTY of details
  • Tell us some podcasts that are similar, if there are any
  • Just for funsies : tell us your Top 3 Favorite podcasts. None of them have to be Riffopolis Podcasts, and we're not playing favorites here. We're genuinely curious and it helps us get to know you

Keep in mind : Riffopolis is not a studio, we're a curator. We can't record your podcast for you or provide you with any equipment. If you don't have any equipment, a studio you can rent, or any way to actually record a podcast, come back to us when you do. Sorry.

Mitcz (pronounced "Mitch") Marzoni is the fella responsible for the design, development, and coding throughout the entire Riffopolis site.4 He also hosts/co-hosts some of our podcasts, and he's the head curator of Riffopolis. "All that the light touches", you might say, if you were an insane person like Mitcz. You can also just view his host bio if you want more information for some reason.

You can thank Mr. Teddy Tutson for that one. It was a moniker he used whilst Mitcz and Teddy were recording an episode of Straight Riffin to describe a fictional world consisting only of people who would be listening to Straight Riffin. It's a fun name to say, so we decided to use it to encompass all sorts of podcasts, (even though Straight Riffin is no longer an active podcast). We regret nothing!

You are! If you want to be. It's just a fun moniker for folks that enjoy The Riffopolis Network. Lady Gagas got her "monsters", Bieber's got "beliebers", we've got Riffolonians. If you feel silly saying that, perhaps take yourself less seriously. Or, just make up your own term. Whatever, man.

A Riffopolis Exclusive, that's what! Basically, it's just an easy way for you to make your own curated collection of your favorite Riffopolis Podcasts. You certainly don't have to use them, and there's no reason to switch to a Custom Channel if you already prefer having separate podcast feeds in your favorite media player. We're about freedom here at Riffopolis. Mmmm... Delicious freedom.

That's a tough question to answer, because there's so many options. If you're on a desktop computer and you have iTunes installed - simply visit the page for any podcast (or podcast entry) and click "Subscribe on iTunes". That'll do all the work for you.

If you're on an iPhone or iPad (running iOS 7 or later), simply clicking "Subscribe on iTunes" is your one-click solution. Older iPhones/iPads should download Apple's podcasts app and use the "Subscribe on iTunes" link.

For Android users, we recommend Podcast Addict.

If you're using a different media player, on the desktop or otherwise, you'll want to consult the help documents for that application. Most of the time, it's very easy and all you need to do is tell the media player what URL (called an "RSS feed", or a "podcast feed") to use. To get the feed url, simply visit the page for any podcast (or podcast entry) and use the "Subscribe via RSS" link. You can either right-click that link and choose "Copy Link Address", or click the link and copy the address that shows at the top of your browser. That will be your RSS Feed URL, and plugging it into any podcast-supporting media player will do the rest.

Short answer : the same way you edit Wikipedia.

Long answer : read through the Riffopolis Wiki Help Documents.

Ah! You need to be more specific! We recommend using the Help Forum where the site moderators and other Riffolonians can lend a hand. Using the forums is also helpful to others who might be looking for a solution to their issue. So, remember : look through the Help Forum first and see if your question's been answered.

If that still doesn't help, or you think this is something that only Mitcz himself can help you with : just hit "Send Mitcz Marzoni a Message" from his host bio page.

Additional Notes

1. Commenting, forums, and the Wiki require registration so we can properly attribute your contributions. We don't sell your info, we don't ask for ridiculous permissions on social networks, and we don't care if you use a pseudonym. You can read our Privacy Policy if you have further questions or concerns.

2. It would be impossible for us to actually test every single internet-capable device made in the last 10 years (hell, testing devices in the last 6 months would take a lifetime). We make a concerted effort, but we're not infallible. If you're having problems using Riffopolis from any device, please let us know.

3. The sidebar isn't available to mobile devices, but you can always check the Top 25 from the main menu.

4. Mitcz wants to be pedantic and point out that he didn't code everything on the site. There were a lot of open source scripts, tools, plugins, and utilities along the way. The site itself is powered by Wordpress, and the design makes heavy use of Bootstrap and FontAwesome. There's a lot more to it than that, and a lot of custom code on top of the aforementioned, but it would take too long to list everything. Blessed be open source code, without which Riffopolis would not be possible.