Ohh boy is this gonna be a fun episode for you. For the first time ever we have a special guest : the one and only Buck Angel. He was a g’damn delight, and managed to talk more than Mitcz! We discuss so many things in this episode, it’s easier to use a list format than the usual paragraph style :

  • Trans-folk in contact sports
  • Lorelei Lee’s fantastic (must-read!) “once you’ve done porn…” article
  • Insider adult industry talk about economics, monopolies, and the stigma that affects people in and around the sex industry
  • The many hats of Buck Angel’s enterprise and career (and the first-ever “stroker” toy designed for trans-men)
  • Why Stoya can’t keep pervy secrets
  • A whole bunch of informative, positive discussion about gay & trans communities, rights, attitudes, and controversies
  • Masculine fragility and presumed ownership

… and then a fun little bit at the end where we learn what the literal translations of Mandarin Chinese names for various animals are, and Buck tells a personal anecdote about owls that’ll amuse and amaze you.

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