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Mitcz & His Dad

No longer active. A weekly conversation between a 30-something liberal atheist in Hollywood, and his 70-something conservative religious father in Texas. You’ll be surprised by what they agree on, and amused by what they don’t.

Episode 37
posted : Aug 16th, 2011

More Columbus, Comedy, Women, Comedy, Women, etc etc

Dad talks about having received and halfway read his new Columbus book, then asks Mitcz how the dating world is going. Mitcz launches into a brief update on how his latest comedy gigs have gone and how it relates to comedy at large before Dad wonders why he went that route after a question about […]

Episode 36
posted : Aug 9th, 2011

Christopher Columbus, Historic controversy, Energy, Technology, Television shows

Dad wants to talk about what he considers the greatest human being who ever lived – Christopher Columbus (which is how Mitcz got his middle name) – and Mitcz asks a few questions, references the controversy of Columbus, and plans are made for a future episode dedicated to the subject. From there, Mitcz & Dad […]

Episode 35
posted : Jul 26th, 2011

Banks, Movies, Ryan O’Neal, Technology, Apple, Microsoft, Google

Dad notices Mitcz has NOT yet returned to the mohawk, before they move on to a brief discussion about Mitcz having had his debit card stolen via cloning. From there, they discuss movies and Dad mentions Ryan O’Neal, leading Mitcz into a story about a secret movie he’s never allowed to show anyone that features […]

Episode 34
posted : Jul 19th, 2011

Hair (again), Harry Potter, Breakup Season, AT&T Sucks

Mitcz expresses his desire to go back to his mohawk, at least for a little while, and Dad launches into another lengthy anti-mohawk rant. The conversation moves onto the popularity of the Harry Potter films, then back to hairstyles (and “breakup season”) yet again. From there, Dad discusses books and the number of ridiculous cuts […]

Episode 32
posted : Jun 29th, 2011

Dad’s Mississippi trip, Nostalgia, Casey Anthony, Scary Legal Case, Jobs vs Life Philosophy

Dad talks about his recent trip to Mississippi and the nostalgia that ensued when visiting places he used to frequent when he lived there with Mitcz’s mom, then we talk about the Casey Anthony case. Mitcz relates another weird legal case he read about recently, after explaining why the Casey Anthony trial only seems “weird” […]

Episode 31
posted : Jun 21st, 2011

Sleepwalking, Sport Stats, Childhood, Inception, Movies, Hot Actresses

Mitcz talks about waking up too early twice this morning, leading to Dad talking about early-awakenings in his life and a brief discussion of his sleepwalking problems when Mitcz was a child. After that, Dad discusses his love for stats and his idea for new sports statistics — and becomes one of the few times […]

Episode 30
posted : Jun 15th, 2011

Hair, Boston, Harvard & Higher Education, Dreams, How to “Make it”, Disappointment

Finally an episode without Skype issues! In this episode, Dad comments yet again on Mitcz’s hair, then he takes shots at Boston (and their lifestyle), which leads to a discussion about Harvard and higher education. Mitcz and Dad disagree about the importance of college in our current society, and there’s some life lessons (about fulfilling […]

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