Top 25 Episodes

The top 25 most downloaded episodes for the month of October 2021

Don't think of this as internal competition between our podcasts, but as a good primer for listeners wondering "what's all the hotness in which I'm missing out?".
If you never use the phrase "all the hotness", you probably should.

1Aural Spaces

An Exploration of Explore
42 mins

Aural Spaces Ep11
posted : Mar 1st, 2020

Stoya was in LA, so she and Mitcz took the opportunity to record a podcast in his living room with clip-on mics (while Mitcz’s ...

2Vulgar Tech

Keyloggers, Hackers, RansomWare, and a Bunch of Weird Tech News
1 hour 24 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep16
posted : May 18th, 2017

Oh, snap! A Big Hack! Yes, yes, of COURSE we talk in-depth about the huge multi-country, multi-target WannaCry / WannaCrypt / WannaCrypt0r hack. In ...

3Mitcz & His Dad

Jobs, Steve Jobs, Columbus, Mad Men, Income Disparity, Comedy
1 hour 21 mins

Mitcz & His Dad Ep38
posted : Aug 26th, 2011

Mitcz gets a new client, complains about his current work situation, and Dad gets bored. The conversation moves onto Steve Jobs and his recent ...

4Straight Riffin

Dwayne Perkins
2 hours 22 mins

Straight Riffin Ep108
posted : Apr 22nd, 2013

This is it, riffolonians. The FINAL episode in the epic saga that is and was Straight Riffin. Dwayne Perkins brought it hard, fast, loud ...

5Grey Hearted

Do We Still Need God?
1 hour 5 mins

Grey Hearted Ep1
posted : Mar 11th, 2015

It’s a question for our modern age. With our advances in society, law, technology, and most importantly : science — is there still a need for ...

6Mitcz Gets High

with Justin Rupple
1 hour 35 mins

Mitcz Gets High Ep1
posted : Mar 10th, 2014

In this inaugural episode, Mitcz Gets High with his close friend and fellow comedian Justin Rupple. The original aim of the episode was to ...

7Straight Riffin

Teddy Tutson
2 hours 16 mins

Straight Riffin Ep1
posted : Mar 8th, 2011

Episode 1 is in the bag! We had our good friend Teddy Tutson on and… man, that dude ran circles around us in the ...

8Aural Spaces

Petticoated Swashbucklers
1 hour 33 mins

Aural Spaces Ep6
posted : Jun 12th, 2017

This is a special double-episode : Pre and Post Stoya-in-Helsinki edition. Up first : Stoya & Mitcz discuss the recent Alamo Drafthouse Wonder Woman ...

9Vulgar Tech

Hackers, Mandelberg’s Law, Lyft & Uber Morality, Autopilot, and More!
2 hours 4 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep14
posted : Apr 11th, 2017

Hey look! We’re kinda keeping something of a schedule here! Okay, let’s talk about the episode… We start off with tangents about Amazon’s Alexa, then ...

10Vulgar Tech

Apple iPhone 7 Event, Alex Makes the Switch, and More Tesla Stuff
2 hours 43 mins

Vulgar Tech Ep11
posted : Sep 18th, 2016

The Apple iPhone 7 / Watch 2 event went down the day before this episode was recorded and we sat down to discuss it. Mitcz ...