Let’s Get Ready to Riff

I know. I know! When Straight Riffin ended, I said “I’ll have a whole new network up in about a month”. I uhh.. missed that goal by almost 2 years. But, here it is!

After many months of development (and several waiting-for-launch pre-recorded podcast episodes), we’ve got ourselves a nice little Riffopolis.com to call home. You can browse through our not-quite-vast list of podcasts, subscribe to any podcasts that tickle your fancy, comment where appropriate, share what’s tickling your fancy, and even create a custom podcast channel to hold all of your favorite Riffopolis Podcasts.

Need some suggestions on what to listen to? Then browse through the Top 25 of the Month, or just check the 25 most recent episodes posted. You can also browse all the podcasts by “mood”, in case you’re looking for something specific.

Looking to interact? Oh, goodie! We’ve got some fancy forums you can use. It’s integrated throughout the site, so wherever there’s a comment field (including the one below), you’re actually posting in our forums. If you’re feeling particularly nerdy, hang out on the Riffopolis Wiki.

If you want more information on who we are, what we do, or how to use the site – read all about it here.

All in all, we hope you’ll enjoy your time at Riffopolis, and we hope to entertain you for many years to come. Welcome, Riffolonians!

Let’s Get Ready to Riff

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