Should Penn State be a school anymore, who else could have taken Laremy Tunsil?

Always some cold news to cover in the world of sports and today is no different. We find out that PaPa Joe and Penn State might be EVEN DIRTIER then previously reported (and they were painted pretty bad before). Then we look at the monumental fall of highly touted prospect Laremy Tunsil and whether or not it was the pictures, the family drama, or both that saw him slide all the way to #13 (nice “come-up” Miami!!!). As well, they take a look at what other teams could have, and maybe, should have taken him between the #6 spot where Baltimore says they passed and #13 where he was finally taken. From there it’s the fantasy fight between Conor and Floyd (that’ll never happen), then Dwayne Wade giving ZERO shits about O’Canada, and finally, the lucky folks who bet on the 5,000:1 long shot Leicester City to win the it all.

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