Hey look! We’re kinda keeping something of a schedule here! Okay, let’s talk about the episode…

We start off with tangents about Amazon’s Alexa, then move into a proposed “pinball for rent” business idea while also discussing tech that only the uber-rich have (and can afford). From there, we discuss why Lyft doesn’t understand April Fools’ Day (aka “Internet Douchebag Day”) before delving into a discussion about a hacked camera-dildo device, which leads to Alex defining a new term : “Mandelberg’s Law” which, distilled to its core, is “any device with a computer inside of it will inspire someone to hack it”, while Mitcz tries to propose an easy and secure solution for the lackluster security standards for the Internet of Things.

We also discuss the maybe-devil of internet startups (seriously, you might punch something when you hear about it), some exciting Apple news (they pretend to care again about their pro users), before delving into two of our favorite topics : Elon Musk and the growing industry of self-driving vehicles.

It’s a long, but — we think — entertaining and perhaps fascinating episode that’ll keep you busy until we stop being lazy long enough to do this again. But we’re getting better! Let us know what YOU wanna hear about and maybe we’ll talk about it.

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