Teddy thinks Hakeem is the better center.... Alex thinks Tom Brady is a Scientologist (kinda)

In an interesting turn of events this episode DOESN’T start off with Teddy Tutson heralding his victorious Houston Rockets (over the L.A Clippers in game 7) but rather an impromptu shitting on of the Los Angeles Clippers from Teddy’s (extra frosty) co-host Alex. From there they look at the rest of the NBA playoff picture as well as a brief discussion on both mens All-Time starting 5. When they move into Deflate-gate, Alex once again begins a tirade that ends in Tom Brady being compared to Lance Armstrong and Scientology. The Cold World team close out on a riot at a Mexico League soccer game that got halted 15 min due to the riot, then discuss what/if that happened at an American sporting event today. Cold and Frosty, comin’ right at ya!!!

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