In this inaugural episode, Mitcz Gets High with his close friend and fellow comedian Justin Rupple. The original aim of the episode was to just run through a quick story about having gone Speed Dating the previous night. However, because Mitcz was high, they ended up talking for almost 3 hours. Mitcz first begins with re-telling Justin about his first Speed Dating experience — which was for an episode of the trash-reality show “The Bad Girls Club”. After that, the main story begins. It’s been edited heavily to maximize amusement and hopefully not put you to sleep, running a mere 90 mins or so.

This episode was originally recorded June 1st, 2012. On that fateful night, Justin had to call some place in Seattle EXACTLY at midnight to leave a voicemail so he and his fiancé (now wife) could hold their wedding in this special place. Thankfully, it all worked out for them and they were in fact married at that spot almost a year later. It was trippy to go from crackin’ dick jokes with a high and giggly Rupple to seeing him split-second change to “Business Rupple” for about 2 minutes while he left the world’s most professional voicemail. Way to go, Rups!

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