In the Trenches

Adult performer, writer, director, and too-many-credits-to-name Stoya joins her longtime friend (comedian, web developer) Mitcz for discussions of sex, politics, relationships, society, life, and more. Join them in the trenches — you just might like it.

Episode 2
posted : Nov 5th, 2015

She Grew Horns and Claws

We kick things off this week with two cat-related news items, leading Stoya and Mitcz to discuss their struggles with their hyper cats that know how to — and always keep trying to — play fetch. Stoya sets the record straight about a story that her TrenchcoatX co-owner (Kayden Kross) loves telling people — and Stoya posits […]

Episode 1
posted : Oct 20th, 2015

I want to start a religion of pornography

In our inaugural episode, Stoya presents the idea of a “Church of Porn” after a brief discussion of coconut oil as lube while Mitcz tries to get a fuller picture of what the Church of Porn can do for the follower. Our main story this episode is PornHub’s “revenge porn reporting tool”. Stoya has a lot […]