We kick things off this week with two cat-related news items, leading Stoya and Mitcz to discuss their struggles with their hyper cats that know how to — and always keep trying to — play fetch. Stoya sets the record straight about a story that her TrenchcoatX co-owner (Kayden Kross) loves telling people — and Stoya posits a theory about why Kayden loves embellishing the story every time. Mitcz introduces Stoya to the “Nutscaping” phenomena, leading to a discussion of #freethenipple and Instagram censorship. Stoya discusses her ongoing battle with “the turks” after Mitcz finds an interesting Google trend with her name. We spend the final 1/3rd of the podcast discussing sex trafficking, and mainstream media’s inability to actually report on it properly, and Stoya makes a number of suggestions on how they should deal with the subject moving forward.

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