We kick things off this week with some exciting Riffopolis Network news, before delving into Amazon’s latest whacky Echo product : a style assistant? Yes, an AI Style Assistant in a webcam. Alex gets very upset about it and rants and raves wildly. We discuss a new software API for artificial voiceover creation – and debating the merits of such a tool. Moving into one of our favorite topics, we discuss the new Arlan Robotics “Service Droid” (which is just a fancy way of saying it’s a robot that sucks your… well, you get the idea) and get into very detailed and lewd discussion of technique and enjoyment.

Other topics include : Larry Page (of Google)’s new “flying car” project, why Mark Zuckerberg is insane, commercials that utilize voice-based assistant tech to advertise on their behalf, and rounding out with an in-depth discussion of the nascent Lab Grown Meat industry.

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