We’re baaaaack! Hello 2017! This being our first podcast in the new year, we kick things off with our weird tech predictions (spoiler : Mitcz’s predictions are weird and nerdy, Alex’s are lofty). We  also discuss other company’s predictions like Uber’s master plan for flying cars, and Amazon’s master plan for automated grocery stores. We explore Twitter and Facebook’s tech reactions to the 2016 U.S. Elections (and what Twitter is doing about trolls), before moving into our favorite discussions of morality and utility as we learn about the first planned head transplant to take place this December, 2017.

To round it all out, we touch on Alex’s favorite topic – SPORTS! – by way of exploring the world of dating apps and Mitcz blows Alex’s mind by showing him the private, invite-only “Tinder for Celebrities” (that both of them aren’t allowed to be on).

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