Corruption in FIFA, Sonicsgate, and the sad history of Seattle sports

The Cold World Team has one of Riffopolis’ favorite sons, Justin Rupple, in to the Riffopolis studio to go over the arrests of several high level FIFA executives. The debate covers the oddness of the two prosecuting countries: The Swiss (’cause they usually don’t care about anyone doing illegal things) and the United States (’cause they NEVER care about soccer), all the way to the realization that a car full of money REALLY IS a method of bribery used by FIFA. Then the conversation turn to Sonicsgate, where native son of Seattle, Justin Rupple, tees off on David Stern. With the bitterness of the subjects and the sharpness of the daggers, this episode is a must listen.*




*If you reside in Seattle please remove all sharp objects from reach before listening

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