Aural Spaces

Adult performer, writer, director, and too-many-credits-to-name Stoya joins her longtime friend (comedian, web developer) Mitcz for discussions of sex, politics, relationships, society, life, and more. Join them in Aural Spaces — you just might like it.

Episode 10
posted : Sep 26th, 2019

The Spark or The Security – A Measured Discussion

Stoya and Mitcz start with a discussion of their dating priorities, which leads to them both wondering how anyone else treats the dilemma of an instant electric attraction vs the feeling of safety and security. With this dilemma, they reach out to their friends of a variety of genders and dating situations to ask the […]

Episode 9
posted : May 24th, 2018

ZeroSpaces is LIVE

Stoya & Mitcz talk about their long-awaited collaborative adult web project ZeroSpaces. It’s live now, but we recorded this a few days ago to prepare. There’s also plenty of cat talk, some industry rants, and the usual banter. Mitcz’s mic wasn’t working properly, so his audio isn’t quite as nice as usual. He apologizes for […]

Episode 8
posted : Aug 23rd, 2017

The LA County Measure B Hearing

This week, Mitcz heads to downtown LA to participate… err.. well, watch, the LA County Board of Supervisors hearing on the proposed updated implementation of LA County’s “Measure B” provision, which is another of those pesky anti-porn “you need condoms, you heathens!” laws. We discuss what went down, how it went down, and do some […]

Episode 6
posted : Jun 12th, 2017

Petticoated Swashbucklers

This is a special double-episode : Pre and Post Stoya-in-Helsinki edition. Up first : Stoya & Mitcz discuss the recent Alamo Drafthouse Wonder Woman screening controversy, lending itself to a brief discussion of masculinity and Bromance (which is officially a scholarly term, we found out). From there, we discuss the two-part T*ts and Sass articles […]

Episode 4
posted : Apr 25th, 2017

And This is My Bingo Wheel

We’re back again and finally have a proper name for this thrice-renamed podcast. This time, it’ll stick! This episode is far more representative of our hopes for this podcast. We talk a LOT about sex work, sex workers, sex workers’ rights, feminism (and the controversy about feminism vs sex work), trans-folk rights and America’s dismissal of […]

Episode 2
posted : Nov 5th, 2015

She Grew Horns and Claws

We kick things off this week with two cat-related news items, leading Stoya and Mitcz to discuss their struggles with their hyper cats that know how to — and always keep trying to — play fetch. Stoya sets the record straight about a story that her TrenchcoatX co-owner (Kayden Kross) loves telling people — and Stoya posits […]

Episode 1
posted : Oct 20th, 2015

I want to start a religion of pornography

In our inaugural episode, Stoya presents the idea of a “Church of Porn” after a brief discussion of coconut oil as lube while Mitcz tries to get a fuller picture of what the Church of Porn can do for the follower. Our main story this episode is PornHub’s “revenge porn reporting tool”. Stoya has a lot […]